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Insidermedicine Services

Insidermedicine is a medical news, content and communications company providing services to educational, government, research and commercial organizations.

What we do:

  1. Create Medical Content. We create medical content, with a speciality in ophthalmology. We create medical videos, 3D animations, whiteboards, websites, patient educational material, continuing medical education courses and iPad and iPhone apps. Please see examples below.
  2. Disseminate Medical Content. We disseminate content through, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, our embeddable video player, our iPhone streaming medical news app and through IMTV – our streaming content for doctor’s waiting rooms.

Specialized Staff

We have doctors, animators, graphic artists, videographers, programmers, IT specialists and medical writers on staff.

Insidermedicine owns and manages several medical news, content and communication companies:
  • Breaking medical news in video and text
  • Continuing education for optometrists
  • IMTouch Eye
  • iPad application for Eye Care Professionals
  • Websites for doctors / specialists
  • Researcher Services
  • Grant assistance, knowledge translation and custom
    websites for researchers
  • SuwenMD
  • iPhone app to teach English to Chinese medical students
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    The offices of Insidermedicine are located at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

    Hotel Dieu Hospital
    166 Brock Street, Kingston, ON
    K7L 5G2 Canada

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at, or by using the form below.

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    Content Examples:

    3D Animations

    Characteristics: Detailed and intrinsically interesting. Very useful for explanation of anatomy and mechanism of action, as well as overview of procedures that might be hard to watch in real video (e.g. cataract surgery or intravitreal injections). Use when movement and change are needed as part of explanation Use: Patient and healthcare professional education, 3D Animations are very good for complex explanations where detail and movement are necessary


    Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
    Wet AMD – pathology and treatment (intravitreal injections)

    Whiteboard Videos

    Characteristics: Universally engaging; high impact; reinforcement of learning using a combination of text, voice and animated graphics Use: Patient and healthcare professional education, explanation of simple or complex messages, training, iPad apps Whiteboards are a great communication tool and bring the best of learning methods into one package


    Three O's of Eyes: How Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians work together for your eyes
    The Role of Inflammation in Dry Eye

    Medical Videos

    Characteristics: Classic video works in almost every situation . Best with illustrations, graphics, applicable b-roll, interviews, real-world examples. Use: General use in most situations to teach, train, explain, report. Video works well in many situations, especially in combination with animation and explanatory graphics


    Avastin Riskier than Lucentis in Eye Injections for Macular Degeneration
    Marijuana doubles risk of stroke in young adults; Obesity may cause vitamin D deficiency

    Custom Cases for Optometrist Continuing Education

    We own and manage – continuing education for optometrists. Beyond the core curriculum, we also create custom cases to help companies and institutions educate optometrists on their area of interest. We handle: the writing of the case; the production of the accompanying video; the creation of a related epidemiology module; the required quiz, references and certificate; the approval and certification of the case through Queen’s University and COPE; translation into French; and distribution through to thousands of Canadian and US optometrists.


    Examples Cases can be seen at