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Insidermedicine Programs

Whether you are a patient, a doctor or a student, Insidermedicine allows you to keep on top of the latest medical information with daily breaking news videos created by our team of leading medical experts.

Our programming goals are as follows:

  • If you are a patient, our goal is to get you the latest medical information, based on credible scientific research, at the same time that your doctor is getting it.
  • If you are a doctor, our goal is to ensure that you are getting evidence-based news that is easy to access and fit into your busy day.
  • And if you are a student interested in healthcare, our goal is to bring you breaking medical news in addition to important clinical tips and teaching pearls.

To create our medical content, every day our medical writing team, headed by Sanjay Sharma MD, a leading eye surgeon, medical researcher and epidemiologist, reviews the latest medical journals and conferences to determine what is critical information for you to know. Then, our team of medcasters, headed by Susan Sharma MD, reports on the breaking medical news in a series of 1-5 minute videocasts. Read here to learn  more about  how we create our shows.

Here are the shows that we regularly produce:

Insidermedicine In 60
Insidermedicine in 60 is a program that brings you the day's most important and interesting health and medical news in 60 seconds. The program is meant to keep patients, students, and health care professionals up to date on the latest evidence based medical information, emerging epidemics, and important regulatory information
In Depth
Insidermedicine in Depth is a daily news segment that gives you an in depth review of a breaking medical news story. The source for Insidermedicine in Depth segments usually comes from embargoed material arising from a peer-reviewed medical or scientific journal. We create 2 versions of Insidermedicine in Depth: a patient version and one meant for the health professional.
In the Spotlight
Insidermedicine in the Spotlight takes you into the research lab of some of the world's-leading medical researchers (watch a segment). The researchers are nominated through the recommendation of an editorial board member, another medical researcher, a healthcare professional, or an affiliate of a University or Healthcare Organization. If you would like to nominate a medical researcher to be featured in Insidermedicine in the Spotlight, please drop us a line: nominate a researcher.
If I Had...
Insidermedicine's If I Had is a program which answers the hypothetical question of what a leading medical expert would do if they had a particular symptom and were diagnosed with a specific medical condition. The program, created from the perspective of the patient, identifies critical points in diagnostic and treatment paradigms that are significantly impact either survival or morbidity.
In the Clinic
Insidermedicine's In the Clinic allows medical students to learn bedside tips and pearls from noted doctors who are amongst the best clinical teachers in the world. In the Clinic covers bread and butter material like how to use your ophthalmoscope to 1 minute tips on how to interpret ECG for signs of ischemia, how to interpret an angiogram for signs of diabetic retinopathy, and interpreting chest X-ray findings of a pneumothorax.
If I Knew Then
Insidermedicine's If I Knew Then is a program which allows us all to learn from the collective wisdom of some of the world's most respected doctors. In this segment leading doctors and researchers offer their advice of a variety of important topics. Some give advice on how to choose a medical specialty or get a research grant, others describe what it is like to live a day in their shoes, and yet others tell us the most important thing someone has taught them.