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News Archives for October 2012

October 31, 2012
  Cancer drug reduces MS relapses - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Multiple C-sections raise risk of major blood loss and preterm birth - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Antidepressants during pregnancy linked to autism, preterm birth, miscarriage and other complications - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
October 30, 2012
  More than one third of cancer survivors suffer serious quality of life issues - Dr. Susan Sharma
  High-fat breakfast sandwiches have immediate impact on heart health - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Smoking bans in restaurants reduce heart attacks, sudden cardiac death - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Restaurant smoking bans reduce rates of MI and sudden cardiac death - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 29, 2012
  Smoking while pregnant raises risk of overweight child by nearly 50% - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Canada's universal health care could save the US trillions of dollars - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
October 28, 2012
  COPD 2x more likely to have plaque in carotid arteries; Healthy lifestyle equals healthy aging - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 27, 2012
  New 3D breast imaging technique has 25x less radiation; Quitting smoking before 30 can add 10 years to a woman's life - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 26, 2012
  Women who quit smoking before the age of 30 add 10 years to their life - Dr. Susan Sharma
  COPD patients face increased risk of plaques in carotid artery - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 25, 2012
  Stroke survivors who smoke at risk of future strokes, heart attack, death; Bad gene has lesser effect on 90 years olds; Smoking reduces lifespan 10 years - Dr. Zale Mednick
  Smoking raises risk of poor outcomes, including death, among stroke survivors - Dr. Zale Mednick
  ApoE4 gene has lesser effect after age 90 - Dr. Zale Mednick
  Smoking takes more off life expectancy than previously thought - Dr. Zale Mednick
October 24, 2012
  Hormone therapy may lower Alzheimer's risk in women; Sleep deprivation linked to obesity; New guidelines mean millions of Americans will no longer need vitamin D supplements - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Women who take hormone therapy are less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Hunger may be driven by lack of sleep - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Nearly 80 million Americans will no longer need vitamin D supplements following new guidelines - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Foods low in glycemic index can help diabetics control blood sugar - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Legumes improve glycemic control, reduce cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetics - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 23, 2012
  Several risk factors greatly raise man's risk of peripheral artery disease; Should older children be able to get rotavirus vaccine?; Colorectal cancer rates lower due to colonoscopy - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes greatly raise risk of peripheral artery disease in men - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Removing age restrictions on rotavirus vaccine may save nearly 50,000 lives - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Rise in colonoscopy screening results in decline in colorectal cancers - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
October 22, 2012
  New breast x-rays may be revolutionary; Nearly 50% of high blood pressure patients have condition controlled; Healthy behaviors in midlife lead to healthy aging - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists develop new x-ray method that reduces radiation to the breast by 25x - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Dramatic increase in Americans with high blood pressure under control - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Healthy lifestyle results in successful aging - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 21, 2012
  Formula linked to pediatric ALL; Cholesterol levels improved in the US since 1988; SSRIs raise risk of stroke - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 20, 2012
  Millions of years of healthy life lost to cancer in 2008; Alcohol may be more damaging to lifespan than smoking; Multivitamins cut cancer risk in men by 8% - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 19, 2012
  Flu can be deadly to children, even if they are otherwise healthy; Women more likely to die from a heart attack; Calling 911 can improve chances of surviving heart attack - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Healthy children can still die from the flu - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Gender disparities in heart attack outcomes - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Heart attack sufferers have better chance of surviving if they call an ambulance - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Therapy that transplants stool into the gut has remarkable success vs. C.diff infections - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Experimental therapy transplants stool into gut for Clostridium difficile; remarkably successful - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 18, 2012
  Does chocolate produce more Nobel laureates? - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Hormone levels strongly linked to long term breast cancer risk; MRSA infections down 44%; Antidepressants raise risk of stroke - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Long term breast cancer risk significantly affected by blood hormone levels - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Antimicrobial soap lowers MRSA infections in 43 US hospitals - Dr. Susan Sharma
  SSRIs raise risk of stroke, though overall risk is still very low - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 17, 2012
  CIHR Video: Managing Child Concussions - Dr. Dave Ellemberg PhD, University of Montreal - Dr. Dave Ellemberg
  Prolonging formula, delaying solids linked to ALL in children; 40% of lesbians not receiving routine cervical cancer screening; Multivitamins lower cancer risk in men - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Formula in infancy raises risk of pediatric leukemia - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Lesbians significantly less likely to undergo routine screening cervical cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Cancer risk cut by 8% with daily multivitamins - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 16, 2012
  Cholesterol levels in the US improving; Alcohol dependence may take 20 years off lifespan; Routine general health checks do not reduce death rates - Dr. Susan Sharma
  CDC: Cholesterol levels may be improving in the US - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Alcohol dependency may have a bigger impact on lifespan than smoking - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Cochrane report finds no reduced death rate from routine health checks - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Screening colorectal cancer patients for Lynch syndrome beneficial, cost-effective - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 15, 2012
  Over 160 million years of healthy life lost due to cancer; Psoriasis patients at raised risk of diabetes; Brain plaques more damaging the Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  169.3 million years of healthy lives lost to cancer in 2008 - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Diabetes linked to psoriasis - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Beta amyloid in the brain more harmful to memory than Alzheimer's gene - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Biking without a helmet raises risk of fatal head injury - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 14, 2012
  Stroke affecting people at a younger age; Neural stem cell discovery may treat deadly childhood disease; Canadian C-Spine rule better than NEXUS for diagnosing spine injury - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 13, 2012
  Levels of neurotensin linked to breast cancer and death in women; HPV shot does not up sexual behavior among girls; International study has cholesterol breakthrough - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 12, 2012
  Sleep apnea treatment can lower blood pressure in men; Parental bonding with infant linked to stable emotional development; Short intense exercise burns extra calories - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Positive airway pressure can reduce blood pressure in men with sleep apnea - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Developing a bond with parents in infancy can stabilize child's mental and emotional development - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Sprint interval training can burn an extra 200 calories a day - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Air pollution exposure early in life may have long term effects on lung functioning - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Air traffic pollution exposure in first year of life linked to diminished lung function at age 8 - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 11, 2012
  1 cardiovascular death every 10 seconds in China; Potential new way to treat eczema; Large international effort finds 21 genes connected to cholesterol levels - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Heart disease accounting for 40% of all deaths in China - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists block eczema from developing in a mouse model - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Large study discovers 21 gene variants linked to cholesterol levels - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 10, 2012
  Stroke increasing among younger people; HPV shot does not increase sexual activity in girls; Stem cell success may mean treatment for deadly childhood brain disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  More people suffering stroke at a younger age - Dr. Susan Sharma
  No increase in sex among teenage girls who receive HPV vaccination - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists use neural stem cells to treat fatal childhood brain disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 9, 2012
  Hormone level linked to diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer and death; Public recording states using angioplasty less; Canadian C-Spine rule most accurate for spinal injuries - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Proneurotensin raises risk of breast cancer, diabetes, and death in women - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Angioplasty for heart attack less common in states with public reporting - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Canadian C-spine rule more accurate than NEXUS for cervical spine injuries - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Pregnant mercury exposure raises risk of ADHD in the child; fish consumption lowers risk - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Prenatal mercury exposure linked to ADHD; fish consumption might have protective effect - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 8, 2012
  Markers of inflammation in the blood can help predict risk of heart attack, stroke - Dr. Susan Sharma
  C-reactive protein and fibrinogen can greatly improve risk assessment of cardiovascular disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 7, 2012
  Low vitamin D linked to mortality in older adults; Drinking and driving drops among US teens; Massive beef recall in Canada includes over 1,100 products - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 6, 2012
  HPV vaccine linked to only snycope and skin infections; Giving women free birth control lowers abortion rates; Indoor tanning can cause non-melanoma skin cancers - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 5, 2012
  Statins may lower risk of glaucoma - Dr. Susan Sharma
  CDC finds significant decrease in American youth who drink and drive - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Screening programmes for type 2 diabetes do little to reduce death rates - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Drinking and driving down among US teens; Programs that screen for type 2 diabetes may not reduce death rates; Glaucoma risk lowered with statin use - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 4, 2012
  Free birth control drastically lowers abortion rates in the US; BPA linked to thyroid changes in mom and child; 14 new biomarkers for type 2 diabetes - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Providing free birth control can greatly reduce unplanned pregnancy and abortion rates in the US - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Pregnant women and their newborns may experience hyperthyroid effect from BPA exposure - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New biomarkers may improve detection and treatment of type 2 diabetes - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 3, 2012
  High blood pressure while pregnant may affect thinking skills of child; Great benefits of aspirin for some elderly women; Massive Canadian beef recall keeps growing - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Maternal hypertension has long term effects on child's thinking skills - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Aspirin may slow mental decline in elderly women at risk of heart disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  XL Foods expands beef recall in Canada - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 2, 2012
  Low vitamin D raises risk of death in older adults; Hormone strongly associated with Alzheimer's in men; Indoor tanning beds linked to non-melanoma skin cancers - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Older adults with vitamin D insufficiency at 50% increased risk of death - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists identify hormone linked to cognitive impairment in men - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Tanning beds linked to most common skin cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Rheumatoid arthritis patients at raised risk of deadly blood clots - Dr. Susan Sharma
  RA patients at increased risk of venous thromboembolism - Dr. Susan Sharma
October 1, 2012
  HPV vaccine safe for routine clinical use; Poor sleep in childhood may raise risk of heart disease in adulthood; 'Cafeteria' diet linked to early stroke, early death - Dr. Susan Sharma
  HPV4 vaccine only associated with skin infections, syncope - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Children suffering from poor sleep are at raised risk of heart disease later in life - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Diet high in fat and sugar may raise risk of stroke in 30 and 40-year-olds - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Heavy smoking and heavy drinking linked to earlier onset of pancreatic cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma