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News Archives for June 2012

June 30, 2012
  Breast cancer risk reduced with 10 hours of exercise a week; Prenatal BPA linked to genetic changes in child; Allergic reactions still a problem for kids with food allergies - Dr Sanjay Sharma
June 29, 2012
  New report finds that diesel soot gets stuck in the lungs - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Vegetables in diet may lower pancreatitis risk - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Diet high in vegetables reduces risk of pancreas inflammation; Diesel fumes get stuck in the lungs; Children cooks more likely to eat vegetables - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Getting children to help cook improves their attitudes toward healthy food - Dr. Davin Johnson
June 28, 2012
  Hot flashes worse among overweight, inactive women - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Pregnant women who stand too much may have slower growing fetus - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Heightened death risk for grieving mothers - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Fetus grows slower in pregnant women who stand too much; Mom's risk of death rises significantly after losing a child; Exercise reduces hot flashes in menopausal women - Dr. Davin Johnson
June 27, 2012
  Prenatal phthalates exposure linked to childhood skin condition - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Smokers, farmers are more likely to have rare sleep behavior disorder - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Scientists develop vaccine to combat cigarette addiction - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Researchers successfully use stem cells to reverse diabetes in mice - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Human stem cells successfully reverse diabetes in mouse model - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Nicotine vaccine shows great promise; Rare sleep disorder linked to several risk factors; Phthalate exposure during pregnancy linked to childhood eczema - Dr. Davin Johnson
June 26, 2012
  Low carb, high protein diets linked to significant risk of heart disease - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Coffee may lower risk of heart failure; Prenatal BPA changes estrogen response in female offspring; Atkins-style diets greatly raise risk of heart disease - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Heart failure risk reduced with routine, moderate coffee consumption - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  BPA exposure in pregnancy linked to genetic changes in female child - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
June 25, 2012
  Report emphasizes the importance of educating parents, caregivers on avoiding allergenic foods - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Women with insufficient vitamin D levels more likely to gain weight - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  10-19 hours of exercise per week cuts breast cancer risk by nearly a third - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Breast cancer risk lowered with regular exercise; Low vitamin D connected to weight gain in older women; Allergic reaction to foods still common among kids with allergies - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
June 24, 2012
  Depression, anxiety raise risk of stroke death; Protein greatly increases risk of slow growing fetus, small baby; Smoking rates drop but heavy drinking rates rise in Canada - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 23, 2012
  UV radiation at birth, fair skin lowers pancreatic cancer risk; Smoking raises risk of squamous cell carcinoma; MS patients at much lower risk of colorectal cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 22, 2012
  Colorectal cancer risk much lower for MS patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Blood pressure drug linked to symptoms mimicking Celiac disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Blood test in first trimester may predict slow growing fetus, tiny baby - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Multiple sclerosis patients less likely to get cancer; Blood test may predict dangerously tiny babies; Olmesartan linked to severe gastrointestinal problems - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 21, 2012
  Two thirds of women over 50 unhappy with their appearance, weight - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  AACR conference: Pancreatic cancer grows faster with high fat, high calories diet - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  New cancer drug stops disease from spreading in lab tests - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Experimental drug stops breast cancer cells from growing; Eating disorders, body image concern common in women over 50; Diet high in fat and calories speeds pancreatic cancer - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
June 20, 2012
  Heart attack risk rises with every 10 decibel increase in traffic noise exposure - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Children only spending 20 minutes a day being active - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Calorie burning boosted by apple peel compound - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  If I Had - Acute Coronary Syndrome - Dr. Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPH, VA Boston Healthcare System - Dr. Deepak Bhatt
  Apple peel ingredient may enhance weight loss; Traffic noise exposure linked to heart attack risk; Children spending little time being physically active - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
June 19, 2012
  Psoriasis a risk factor for type 2 diabetes - Dr. Susan Sharma
  StatsCan: Heavy drinkers increase in Canada, smokers decline - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Skin type, UV radiation levels may reduce pancreatic cancer risk - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Adding new blood test to screening can help predict heart attack, stroke - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Sun exposure may protect against pancreatic cancer; Smoking declining in Canada, heavy drinking increasing; Psoriasis and type 2 diabetes linked - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 18, 2012
  Psychological distress increase likelihood of dying from stroke - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Hypertension risk rises with increased salt consumption - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Risk of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Higher Among Smokers - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Living Alone Raises Risk of Dying from Heart Disease in High Risk People - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Higher Mortality Risk From Cardiovascular Disease Among High Risk Individuals Living Alone - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Smoking Raises Risk of Type of Skin Cancer; Too Much Salt May Cause High Blood Pressure; Depression, Anxiety Make Death from Stroke More Likely - Dr. Susan Sharma
  The Policy Debate: Lucentis vs Avastin - The Value of Safety - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Avastin Riskier than Lucentis in Eye Injections for Macular Degeneration - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
June 17, 2012
  Cancer cases to rise in US by 2022; Importance of screening pregnant women for syphilis; Smokers at raised risk of all-cause mortality - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 16, 2012
  Elevated blood glucose linked to heart attack risk; WHO declares diesel fumes carcinogenic; Omega 3 does not appear to prevent memory loss - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 15, 2012
  Major risk factor for hospitalization in lung disease patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  WHO deems diesel fumes cancerous - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Diesel fumes may be more dangerous than cigarettes; Fatigue may predict hospitalizations in COPD patients; Saturated fats may inflame bowel disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Western diet increases severity, speeds inflammatory bowel disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 14, 2012
  Cancer survivors will increase to 18 million by 2022; Breast milk may block oral HIV transmission; Sleep deprivation linked to unhealthy food choices - Dr. Susan Sharma
  By 2022, there will be 18 million cancer survivors in the US - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Oral HIV transmission blocked by breast milk - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Lack of sleep may influence unhealthy food choices - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 13, 2012
  If I Had - Basal cell carcinoma - Dr. Jean Tang, MD, PhD, Stanford University - Dr. Jean Tang
June 12, 2012
  Mental decline in the elderly is not slowed by omega 3 supplementation - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New risk model may be better than Duke Clinical Score in predicting heart disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Great benefit to simple syphilis screening in pregnant women - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Past 15 years have seen substantial increase in radiation-exposing imaging tests - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Even in HMOs, great increase in use of diagnostic imaging - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Omega-3 does not prevent mental decline in older adults; New risk score for heart disease; Syphilis screening can greatly reduce stillbirths, newborn death - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 11, 2012
  Insulin use does not cause heart disease, cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Smoking significantly raises risk of death - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Medication raises risk of diabetic macular edema - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Risk of heart attack rises with elevated blood sugar levels - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Phone calls help glaucoma patients follow doctors advice, make appointments - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Intervention aids glaucoma patients in adhering to medical care - Dr. Susan Sharma
  High blood glucose linked to risk of heart attack; Thiazolidinedione raises risk of diabetic eye condition; Smokers 2x more likely to die from any cause - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 8, 2012
  Fruits, vegetables aid smoking cessation - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Food allergies more common among children in urban areas - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Small cancer risk connected to CT scans in childhood - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Child CT scans linked to brain cancer, leukemia; Kids in the city more likely to have food allergies; Quitting smoking may be easier with healthy diet - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 7, 2012
  Medication reduces cardiovascular events in RA patients; Rates of preterm birth rise around the world; Two thirds of hip fractures occur in people over 80 - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Anti-TNF meds reduce heart attacks, strokes in rheumatoid arthritis patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  USA, Brazil among nations with highest preterm birth rates - Dr. Susan Sharma
  The importance of reducing hip fractures before population ages - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 6, 2012
  No crime increase attributable to medical marijuana outlets around Sacramento - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Vismodegib trial stopped early due to overwhelming success - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Investigational drug shrinks tumors in metastatic basal cell carcinoma patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  First inhibitor of hedgehog pathway shrinks metastatic BCC tumors - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists map DNA of fetus with breakthrough non-invasive technique; New drug prevents and treats skin cancer; No crime connected to medical marijuana outlets - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Fetal genome map may enable non-invasive screening of unborn child - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 5, 2012
  Circulating cancer cells worsen survival in early breast cancer patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Larger waist raises diabetes risk - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Antiseptic cloths help control deadly infection among the elderly - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Troponin T helps predict death after surgery - Dr. Susan Sharma
  If I Had - High troponin levels after non-cardiac surgery - Dr. PJ Devereaux MD, FRCPC, McMaster University - Dr. PJ Devereaux
  Blood test predicts death risk after surgery; Researchers reduce MRSA in senior population by 82%; Waist circumference linked to risk of type 2 diabetes - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 4, 2012
  Antidepressant lowers pain in chemo patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Rehospitalizations from surgery infections greatly raising health care costs - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Neglect in early childhood affects skin cancer risk - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Cancer-related exhaustion much improved with ginseng capsules - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Rhythm control vs. rate control for Afib - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Ginseng relieves fatigue from cancer; Surgical infections costing up to $65,000,000 a year; Cymbalta reduces chemotherapy pain - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Most effective way to treat atrial fibrillation? - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 3, 2012
  Daily dark chocolate good for the heart; Aspirin, Ibuprofen may protect against deadly skin cancer; Diabetes patients over-treated for blood pressure goals - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 2, 2012
  Less TV, more veggies makes weight loss easier; How much arsenic is OK in the drinking water?; In 2 decades, cancer will have risen by 75% worldwide - Dr. Susan Sharma
June 1, 2012
  Women with AFib more likely than men to suffer stroke - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Can dark chocolate be used to prevent cardiovascular events? - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Western lifestyle may cause dramatic increase in cancer worldwide - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Purine Intake Raises Risk of Recurrent Gout Attacks - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Global cancer incidence to rise 75% by 2030; Daily dark chocolate may reduce heart attack, stroke risk; Atrial fibrillation raises risk of stroke in women - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Gout flare-ups strongly linked to purine-rich foods, like meat and asparagus - Dr. Susan Sharma