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News Archives for July 2012

July 31, 2012
  Hospital Acquired Infections Associated With Overworked Nurses - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Factors Associated with Hypothermia in Trauma Patients - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Healthcare Infections And Nurse Burnout; Hypothermia In Trauma Patients - Dr. Davin Johnson
July 30, 2012
  Fluoxetine Shown To Have Antiviral Properties - Dr. Davin Johnson
  New Drug For Treating Diabetic Eye Disease - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Post-Stroke Rehabilitation - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Prozac May Have Antiviral Effects; New Diabetic Retinopathy Compound; Repairing The Brain After A Stroke - Dr. Davin Johnson
July 29, 2012
  Very obese children already have high risk factors for heart disease; New drug class may treat MS, Alzheimer's and traumatic brain injury; Post-stroke life worse for women - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 28, 2012
  Sunbeds linked to melanoma; Chemical restores vision to blind mice; Diet high in antioxidants may reduce pancreatic cancer risk - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 27, 2012
  Exposure to magnetic fields in womb raises child's risk of obesity; MRSA rates double in US academic hospitals; UK medical schools barely teaching physical activity - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Childhood obesity linked to magnetic field exposure in utero - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New report disputes that MRSA is on the decline; researchers see 2x increase in infections in academic hospitals - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Very little physical activity education at UK medical schools - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 26, 2012
  Shift work raises risk of heart attack, stroke and coronary events - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists find cause for glioblastoma, the most deadly form of brain tumor - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New report out of the AIDS International Conference finds another benefit of early HIV treatment - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Risk of heart attack and stroke higher among shift workers; Glioblastoma cause discovered; Early antiretroviral therapy reduces clinical events - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 25, 2012
  Scientists restore vision in blind mice; Sickle cell trait and sudden cardiac death in black athletes; Women may suffer more following a stroke than men - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New chemical may potentially treat inherited blindness - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Sickle cell trait raises black athletes risk of sudden cardiac death - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Post-stroke quality of life may be worse in women than men - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 24, 2012
  Indoor tanning linked to melanoma; New drugs may treat multiple neurological conditions including Alzheimer's; Undiagnosed heart problems common in the very elderly - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Tanning beds linked to over 3,000 melanoma cases every year in Europe - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Scientists develop new class of drugs that may prevent Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Treating undiagnosed heart problems in very elderly can extend their life - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 23, 2012
  Over half of very obese children have high blood pressure, bad cholesterol; Novel drug combo for TB; Antioxidants may lower risk of pancreatic cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Two thirds of severely obese children have heart disease risk factors - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New tuberculosis drug combined with moxifloxacin kills 99% of TB bacteria in 2 weeks - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Vitamins C, E, and selenium in the diet significantly lower risk of pancreatic cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Oral immunotherapy reduces, even eliminates, allergic reactions in children with egg allergies - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 22, 2012
  Polypill can add years to lifespan of 50 year olds; Black gay men account for 1 in 4 new HIV cases; Gold nanoparticles, tea leaves compound shrink prostate tumors in mice - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 21, 2012
  No insurance linked to late stage cervical cancer diagnosis; Marijuana doubles risk of preterm birth; Mammography screening may have no effect on breast cancer death rates - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 20, 2012
  Training EMS personnel to read ECGs can speed heart attack treatment; Older, educated women more likely to drink while pregnant; CPAP works for mild sleep apnea - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Paramedics who can administer and interpret ECGs greatly improve time to heart attack treatment - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Pregnant women more likely to drink if 35-44 years old, college educated - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Sleep apnea treatment improves daytime sleepiness - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 19, 2012
  Lack of health insurance raises likelihood of late stage cervical cancer; Black gay men are more likely to get HIV and die from AIDS; Scientists sequence sperm genome - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Women without health insurance are much more likely to be diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Black gay men account for 1 in 4 new HIV cases in the developed world - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Stanford researches decode genome of individual human sperm - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 18, 2012
  Ceramides biomarker can help predict Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Job strain raises risk of heart attack, stroke in women - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Single pill shows significant health benefits in 50 year olds; Sedentary lifestyle as deadly as cigarettes; New biomarker strongly linked to Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Polypill significantly lowers blood pressure and cholesterol - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Inactivity kills over 5 million people a year - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 17, 2012
  Preterm birth risk with pre-pregnancy marijuana use; Vitamin E may lower risk of liver cancer; Mammography in Sweden has little to no effect on breast cancer death rates - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Marijuana more than doubles risk of premature birth - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Elevated vitamin E levels associated with reduced risk of liver cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  No reduction in breast cancer death rates from mammography screening - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Preventing risk factors for stroke and dementia can save lives, money - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Giving birth to a large baby significantly raises risk of breast cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 16, 2012
  Mild cognitive impairment raises risk of death twofold; Does bariatric surgery reduce health care costs?; Scientists successfully use gold nanoparticles, tea leaves to shrink tumors - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Mental decline associated with 2x increased risk of death - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Weight loss surgery might not reduce costs, after all - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Alternative to chemotherapy? Gold nanoparticles and compound from tea leaves shrink prostate tumors - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 15, 2012
  Disability raises a child's risk of being victim of violence; H1N1 vaccine does not appear to cause birth defects; HPV infections reduced with vaccination, even in unvaccinated - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 14, 2012
  Too much sedentary time takes years off life; Can alcohol reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis?; MS patients benefit greatly from stress training - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 13, 2012
  Dr. Christine Suess says OHIP cuts mean worse care for eye patients - Dr. Christine Suess
  3 simple steps can help women lose weight; Media violence exposure linked to childhood aggression; Aging may be accelerated with anxiety - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Keeping food journal improves weight loss in women - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Exposure to violence in the media predicts aggression in child - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Women with elevated anxiety may age faster - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Report finds connection between biological clock and diabetes, obesity - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Circadian rhythm molecule implicated in liver gluconeogenesis - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 12, 2012
  Reoperation rates for breast cancer patients undergoing breast conserving surgery; More elderly people should take statins; Concussions a problem for college football players, too - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  1 in 5 breast cancer patients need another operation after breast conserving surgery - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Not enough elderly people taking medications to prevent heart disease - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  College football suffering from high concussion rates, as well - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
July 11, 2012
  Disabled children 4x more likely to be victims of violence - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Moderate drinking may preserve bone health, reduce risk of osteoporosis - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New multiple sclerosis lesions reduced with regular stress management training - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Children with disabilities at increased risk of violence; Osteoporosis risk may be lowered with moderate alcohol; Stress meetings may reduce disease activity in MS patients - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Healthy diet may help eliminate menopause symptoms - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Weight loss from healthy diet improves symptoms of menopause - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 10, 2012
  Acadesine does not improve outcomes of open heart surgery, though safety of operation has improved - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Moderate alcohol consumption may lower RA risk; No increased risk of poor birth outcomes with H1N1 vaccine; Antiretroviral therapy significantly lowers HIV risk in high risk people - Dr. Susan Sharma
  A few drinks a week may lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis - Dr. Susan Sharma
  H1N1 vaccination is not associated with birth defects, preterm birth - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Drug reduces risk of HIV by two thirds in high risk individuals - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 9, 2012
  Vaccine reduces HPV infection, even in those who don't get the injection - Dr. Susan Sharma
  New target identified in fight against cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Cranberry juice prevents urinary tract infections - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Cranberry containing products have protective effect against UTIs - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Less sedentary time increases life expectancy; Scientists find new target in cancer cells; Vaccine greatly reduces HPV infections, even in unvaccinated - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Sitting less than 3 hours a day can adds 2 years to lifespan - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 8, 2012
  Fertility drugs tied to breast cancer risk; Strawberries may protect cardiovascular health; Patient's exercise levels should be a priority for doctors - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
July 7, 2012
  Diabetes med may promote growth of new brain cells; Adjuvant found in vaccines may stop flu on it's own; Obesity and the risk of kidney injury following heart operation - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
July 6, 2012
  Breast cancer risk associated with fertility drugs; Protein may have flu fighting potential; Doctors need to place bigger emphasis on patient's exercise levels - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Fertility drugs may raise or reduce breast cancer risk, depending on success of medication - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Synthetic protein found in vaccines stops flu within 2 hours - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Report calls on doctors to consider exercise as a vital sign - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
July 5, 2012
  New neurons develop in mice taking diabetes drug; Cardiovascular benefit of strawberries; Elevated BMI linked to acute kidney injury following heart surgery - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Scientists discover that Metformin creates new brain cells - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Strawberries may lower cholesterol and protect heart - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
  Obesity raises risk of kidney injury following heart surgery - Dr. Sanjay Sharma
July 4, 2012
  Celiac disease underdiagnosed due to low biopsy rates during endoscopy - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Debilitating effects of cataracts, AMD have been significantly reduced since 1984 - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Autism risk significantly higher with family history of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Parent with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder greatly raises risk of autism; Visual impairment in the elderly on the decline; Underdiagnosis of celiac disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 3, 2012
  8% of teens have violent anger disorder - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Polyunsaturated fats may lower risk of coronary heart disease - Dr. Susan Sharma
  MRSA rates decline by 10% since 2005 - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Rates of both community and hospital-onset MRSA decline - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Pioglitazone linked to bladder cancer; Saturated fats raise risk of heart disease; Many teens have intermittent explosive disorder - Dr. Susan Sharma
  Diabetes drug Actos may raise risk of bladder cancer - Dr. Susan Sharma
July 2, 2012
  Unemployment, heart attack and heart failure risk for people with rheumatoid arthritis - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Botulinim toxin may relieve multiple sclerosis patients of tremors - Dr. Davin Johnson
  Coffee reduces risk of most common skin cancer; Rheumatoid arthritis raises risk of unemployment, death; Toxin can reduce tremors in MS patients - Dr. Davin Johnson
  The more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of basal cell carcinoma - Dr. Davin Johnson
July 1, 2012
  Coffee lowers heart failure risk; Atkins-style diets raise risk of heart disease; Low vitamin D linked to weight gain in older adults - Dr. Sanjay Sharma